Letter: I met my Christmas angel at Walmart

Published 8:30 pm Friday, December 2, 2022

You hear stories of people who pay it forward in restaurants, drive-thru lines and other places. I had this happen to me on Black Friday. 

I was at the Albert Lea Walmart and doing my big shopping for Christmas mostly for grandchildren. My cart was very full. 

A man in an electric cart was in line behind me, and I said I was sorry taking so long, as he had a small amount in his cart. He asked if he could ask me one question — if I would be offended. I thought he may need some help and said not at all. 

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He then asked me if I would allow him to pay for my purchases. I was in shock and looked at the amount and told him this was not a small amount, and he said he could see that, but most of the things were for children. 

I stood there crying, I hugged him and thanked him. I asked several more times if he was sure, and he said it would make him happy to do this. All I could do was cry, hug him again and thank him again. He said my smile, tears and hugs were my payment. I left the store and didn’t get his name.

I sat in my car crying, saying a prayer for this wonderful man and his generous gift. I am very blessed and thankful. 

I hope he reads your paper and sees this, so he knows how much his gift meant to me. I met my Christmas angel at Walmart, and it reminds us that there are good people that do wonderful things for people and this truly was a Christmas miracle.

You touched my heart, and I thank God daily for you.

Kelly Skaden

Blue Earth