Letter: It was a big election for DFL

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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Trifecta! Voters flipped the Minnesota Senate to a DFL majority, returned Tim Walz as our governor, and retained a DFL majority in the Minnesota House. Additionally DFL candidates for secretary of state, attorney general and state auditor won the majority of votes. DFL candidate Mary Hinnenkamp lost her race for House District 23A; however, she won 45% of Albert Lea voters. Mary knocked on over 17,000 doors and has more current information on local needs than anyone in our community.

A disappointing election overall for the GOP, and Republicans are reflecting on their losses:

“If you haven’t closed a sale with your product in more than 15 years, it’s long past the time to get a better product, better marketing or both.” — former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, the last Republican to win statewide office, Star Tribune, Nov. 13

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“Women didn’t talk about it much, they didn’t do a bunch of marches and protests, they didn’t post on social media, they probably didn’t even tell their husbands, but they were ticked off and they went out to vote.” — Amy Koch, GOP strategist and former Minnesota Senate Majority leader, Star Tribune, Nov. 13

“[Voters] preferred a party that was sort of out of touch, to a party that was out of their minds.” — Conservative New York Times Columnist David Brooks, contemplating why Democrats had a better night than he expected, PBS NewsHour, Nov. 11

Freeborn County DFL is recognized as one of the best organized rural units in Minnesota. All rural Minnesota House seats are held by Republicans, yet our local DFL launches aggressive campaigns to compete for representation in state government. Democrats strengthened families when they extended health insurance coverage to age 26. Help us inform our state leaders on our rural needs to help Albert Lea grow.

Terry Gjersvik