Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

Published 8:50 pm Friday, January 6, 2023

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To news that Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is making progress.

Millions of people across the country have been following the story of Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin, whose heart stopped after making what appeared to be a routine tackle in a game Monday in Cincinnati.

Hamlin collapsed and had to be resuscitated on the field.

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The incident happened on live television, with players and coaches alike surrounding him on the field as life-saving measures were in progress.

Many people shared about the incident on social media asking for prayers to be offered on Hamlin’s behalf as he was in critical condition for the first few days after the incident.

We are elated to hear that Hamlin in the time since has again started breathing on his own and even is able to communicate again. His neurologic function also remains intact.

We are eager to hear of his continued success and the good this challenging situation has made on the nation.

To the city planning a pilot project for free ice skate use during warming house hours at Lakeview Park.

Hats off to the city of Albert Lea, who has announced plans for a pilot project that would provide ice skates for use at Lakeview Park free of charge during warming house hours.

The project could also expand to other outdoor rinks in the future.

This project would allow people who may not otherwise have access to skates the opportunity to utilize the rink and take part in hockey or ice skating at the rink there.

This is good not only for increasing physical activity but for also providing more opportunities for youth.

To counterfeit bills in the area.

Recent reports have been given of counterfeit bills being passed in the area at a variety of businesses.

This is disappointing on several fronts — not only for the owners of these businesses, who lose money on their bottom line, but also for employees of those businesses, who sometimes may take a hit in their take home pay, too.

Sometimes the counterfeit bills are obvious fakes, but other times they may be more difficult to distinguish.

If your business becomes the victim to a counterfeit bill, we encourage you to reach out to local law enforcement as soon as you can to help you find the possible perpetrator.

To the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development awarding the city more than $456,000 toward cleanup at the Blazing Star Landing for more apartments.

We were pleased to hear the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development announce this week it is awarding the city of Albert Lea $456,345 toward cleanup of the 4.5-acre site at the Blazing Star Landing that a developer is considering building additional apartment buildings on.

The land is contaminated with petroleum and other contaminants from the former Farmland Foods.

DEED stated the project is anticipated to leverage $14.4 million in private investment.

It is great to see the development taking place at this site, and we appreciate the help the state is giving to make this possible.