My Point of View: Information unearthed about government influence

Published 8:45 pm Tuesday, January 3, 2023

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My Point of View by Brad Kramer

Coming into 2023, we are already facing many challenges as a nation and world that are a direct result of the incompetence of the Biden Administration. Regardless who created the problems, we need to solve them as a nation.

Brad Kramer

Our nation’s border is a crisis of epic proportions as fentanyl and who knows who or what else walks across. Recent busts have been large enough to kill every American, while our own community has experienced fatal overdoses due to fentanyl that likely came in through the border. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration has been suing Arizona to take down a makeshift fence that slow the traffic over the border. Our president is more worried about suing a governor for building a fence on federal land than keeping fentanyl out of our country.

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This is not an issue of race or which country immigrants are from. We have a broken immigration system, and our nation can accommodate more immigrants. However, immigration needs to be managed by an effective system that secures our borders while building an infrastructure to support the process.

Several years ago, I listened to a presentation by a local business owner who immigrated from Mexico. He brought his family to America through legal means, which meant great sacrifice and difficulty even getting a case opened in Mexico. We need a system that enables immigrants to go through legal channels, but it needs to start with a secure border that the Biden/Harris Administration is completely negligent on. This is a national security issue that is affecting our communities. America has always been a beacon of home in our world, calling immigrants from around the world to come here for a better life. We can do better, but we need to start by securing our border.

Do you remember when conservatives were called bigoted for not wanting biological males using women’s restrooms, especially in schools? Our concerns of our daughters getting raped were laughed at by Democrats. Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia had a biological male student that identified as female and used the girl’s restroom, who sexually assaulted a young girl. The school was in the process of implementing a policy that would “celebrate diversity” by allowing students to use the bathroom they identified with. The first police report was not regarding the rape. It was regarding the irate father whose daughter was just raped. The perpetrator was quietly sent to another school where the same scenario reoccurred. The schools are under scrutiny for covering up the assaults because of the policies they were enacting.

While this is one of the more egregious examples, it’s not isolated. This is sadly becoming a case of “we told you so.” We now have a growing number of young female athletes who are becoming disenfranchised with athletics as biological males dominate their sports, shattering the records that biological females have worked hard to set. This is not fair to the female athletes who worked hard at their sport, hoping to secure scholarships and other achievements through hard work and dedication.

Republicans are not bigoted and don’t care what you do with your body or in the confines of your own relationships. However, when you demand that we allow males into the bathrooms with our daughters, schools begin putting rules in place that students can begin gender transitioning without their parent’s knowledge, and biological boys are competing with directly against their female peers, this is what we knew would happen.

If you have not been following the “Twitter files,” Elon Musk has released Twitter’s files that have to do with government communications, payments and other acts taken by Twitter to suppress free speech. What is coming to light is the FBI, CIA and other government agencies played a role in suppressing free speech, not just on Twitter, but across all major social media and news platforms. The federal government paid media companies millions of dollars to have daily access to their executives and inform them on the government’s suggested methods of limiting free speech. For the past several years, many conservative and moderate figures on social media have been insisting that their content was being manipulated by Twitter and other media companies, while Democrats and the media all insisted this was not happening; that it was just another conspiracy theory. Now that Musk has released the files from his company, we know for certain that Twitter was paid by the federal government to restrict free speech (primarily for conservatives), that the Hunter Biden laptop story was suppressed by the government even though its authenticity was not in question by law enforcement, and we’re only now learning about how much the Biden family profited by Joe Biden’s political influence, and many other acts that we as citizens were kept in the dark about immediately before the elections.

Brad Kramer is a member of the Freeborn County Republican Party.