Letter: Economic picture under Democratic leadership is improving Minnesota

Published 8:30 pm Friday, February 3, 2023

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A big thank you to Brad Wedge for his Jan. 11 letter to the editor, which points out that GOP Brad Kramer’s Jan. 4 column lacks facts, plus Kramer is misleading readers about transgender students.

Apparently Mr. Kramer does not understand Jesus was a refugee as was pointed out by Pope Francis. Mr. Kramer’s column seems to be telling us he is not a racist when he writes people crossing our border might be criminals with drugs, terrorists or disease carriers? That assumption is the very definition of racism.

A second big thank you to U.S. Sen. Tina Smith’s Feb. 1 column pointing out Democrats have created the most productive year for Congress in decades. Massive funding is on the way to modernize water systems and provide broadband internet, roads and bridges.

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“We’ve done a lot this year to help families, small businesses and communities in Minnesota get back on their feet.”

Former senior staff economic advisor to GOP president Reagan, Paul Krugman, in his Jan. 30 column, reports an improving economy under President Biden’s leadership: “Would you know that real gross domestic product has risen 6.7% under President Biden, that America gained 4.5 million jobs in 2022 and that inflation over the past six months … was less than 2% at an annual rate … the unemployment rate in December, at 3.5%, was at a 50-year low … and inflation-adjusted wages … have been rising again. … Biden will most likely be able to run on a record of solid growth in incomes and jobs, with the inflation surge of 2021-22 receding in the rearview mirror.”

Obviously, the person who commented to me on the campaign trail that: “You Democrats put us all in the crapper” was wrong.

Then there is the DFL Gov. Walz-led surplus gain of over $17 billion plus DFL trifecta wins at executive, Senate and House offices. The economic picture for Minnesota under President Biden and DFL leadership looks to return Minnesota to our No. 1 leadership status in public education outcomes.

Ted Hinnenkamp
Albert Lea