Clint Allen “Hoss” Stevens

Published 7:45 pm Friday, March 10, 2023

Clint Allen Stevens, April 3, 1972 to March 8, 2023.

Clint Allen “Hoss” Stevens

Clint “Hoss” Allen Stevens was born on April 3, 1972 in Litchfield, Minnesota. At 8 months old he would be adopted by Dwight and Mary Jane Stevens of Albert Lea, Minnesota. Clint’s big brown eyes and chubby pink cheeks would become Dwight and Mary’s pride and joy. He was always a happy baby and learned to talk at an early age, which would cause much laughter to people around him. He was spunky and showed much interest in sports, especially hockey, baseball, and later, softball. He loved tagging along with the “old folks,” especially his dad and his uncle David. Clint spent many evenings playing pool and drinking root beer at Ken & Elsie’s Bar in Clarks Grove.

Clint also had a love of animals, especially dogs. Early in life, Clint’s best companion was an Irish setter, Clarence. A favorite story of the “old folks” was when Dwight parked his prized ’65 Chevy Impala convertible in front of David’s house to pick him up. Clint and Clarence sat in the car while Dwight got out to see what was keeping David. In the blink of an eye, the car was driving slowly down the street, Clarence with his paws on the steering wheel and Clint sitting proudly next to him. The story goes that that car made a complete 90 degree turn onto the intersecting street. It is unknown who made the actual turn, Clint or Clarence?! Clint was about 2 years old.

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Clint also loved watching the Carol Burnett show! He would start laughing so hard that he would almost hyperventilate!

As he got older, he joined hockey. Playing goalie became second nature to him, as he loved being on the ice. From there, his love of many sports evolved. He tried bowling and went to the San Jose State Bowling Championship. He started baseball and excelled with the coaching of his dad, even though many disagreements about his coaching style ensued! Clint was also on the golf club in junior high. Golfing with John Madden was one of his best moments.

At the age of 7, Clint’s world would forever change, with the birth of his twin siblings, Cole and Jaclyn. At first, Clint was very jealous that he was not the only child anymore, but over time he became smitten with them….even bringing them to show and tell at school. He would ultimately become their mentor and lifelong protector. While just a high-school student, Clint introduced Cole to baseball and coached his third-grade baseball team. Clint was especially protective of his little sister. Jackie never needed worry when her big brother was around.

Although Clint was the oldest, he was always considered the baby of the family. He was his mom’s “baby”. They shared a very strong bond and he helped to care for her in her later years.

In high school, Clint bought a ’72 Ford Ranger XLT, perhaps the sleekest truck in high school at the time. He was extremely proud of his pickup and would regularly spend time in the mountains with her.

Clint went on to graduate in 1990 from San Luis Obispo High School in San Luis Obispo, California. He attended Cuesta College briefly before moving back to Albert Lea with his family. Once back in his hometown, he purchased his first home and would soon start a family of his own.

Clint tried his best to be a good father to all of his children; Justin, Emmitt, KyLee, and Isabelle. Although Justin lived in another state, Clint enjoyed the times they were able to see each other. They spent time near the ocean, camping in Wisconsin Dells and Wabasha, and attending a Packers’ game in Green Bay.

Clint was also very proud of his son Emmitt, who he named after his favorite football player of all time!- Emmitt Smith. He loved watching Emmitt play high school football and later, for the University of Minnesota in Crookston.

Clint was also very close to Kylee, who he enjoyed watching play soccer while growing up and attending her dance recitals. He was also proud to have given her away at her wedding this past September. His nickname for her was always “LuLu.”

Isabelle was Clint’s youngest child. He has many fond memories camping with her and watching her grow into a beautiful young woman.

Clint had a really big heart and was always portrayed as a big teddy bear. Later in life, he enjoyed fishing, watching the Green Bay Packers or whoever beat the Vikings! Most of all, he enjoyed being with his family.

Clint is survived by his children, Justin Kitch, of Colorado Springs, Colorado; Emmitt Stevens (Anna) of Carrollton, Texas, Kylee Beckius (Tyler) of Albert Lea, Minnesota, Isabelle Stevens of Rochester, Minnesota; his parents, Dwight and Mary Jane Stevens of Albert Lea, Minnesota; his brother Cole Stevens (Krystal) of Morro Bay, California, his sister Jaclyn Flatten (Tony “Buck”) of Albert Lea, Minnesota, his nephews and nieces, Elliott and Kendall Flatten, Audie Stevens, and Jaspar and Finley Flatten, and several aunts and uncles.

Clint is preceded in death by his grandparents, John and Dorothea Anderson, Roy and Bernice Stevens; his uncles, Leon Billat and John Anderson; cousins, Jay Bergland and Jimmy Carroll, and his faithful companion, Rupert, Clint’s English bulldog.

Visitation  will be held at Salem Lutheran Church, 115 N. Washington Ave, in Albert Lea, MN from 9:30 am to 11:00 am on Monday, March 13 with a funeral service to follow at 11:00 am.