Letter: Thoughts on recent issues at the state and national levels

Published 8:53 pm Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois says parents want schools focused on reading, writing and math, not woke policies. Republicans keeping our promise and commitment to America that parents will have a say in their kids’ education. The bill passed. Regarding parents’ rights: Rep. Boebert, of Colorado, successfully added amendments that would require schools to report when transgender girls join athletics teams and if trans girls are allowed to use girls’ school restrooms or locker rooms. The bill would also include elementary schools get parents’ consent to change a child’s gender designation, pronoun or name.

Consider Albert Lea — we were brought up in a religious faith and having large families, we all were able to take care of ourselves, and my friend had a child with special needs. She

was talented in baking, which brought in extra money, and we all learned to ride our bike to babysit or to work. Students walking in to the high school when there weren’t buses. People working at Wilson’s provided a one-income living for the family. We all learned that working hard was the thing to do and not having to rely on government assistance.
Seniors, who have worked all their lives, are needing help, and our veterans deserve to be treated more favorably. “With a $17 billion surplus, we can’t help our seniors like most other states?” asked our Sen. Gene Dornink, who would like to have family and medical leave but feels there are other ways to provide medical leave. Due to little notice to affected communities, allowing them almost no time to sign up to testify regarding the bill’s impact.

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Democrats, however, continue to only listen to their political base and ignore the voices of Minnesota from across the state. I would suggest the families who are presently paying taxes now consider no tax for a year. Due to inflation, every American is suffering because of skyrocketing prices for food, gasoline and just about everything else.

Regarding abortion, Susan B. Anthony, pro-life American, said. “At 15 weeks an unborn baby is capable of feeling excruciating pain and deserved protection under our laws. (“Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortion Act” (S.4840/H.R. 8814) Here in Minnesota, Democrats in St. Paul have introduced H.F.1 and S.F.1 bills that will codify the “right” to murder an unborn baby with zero restrictions of any kind at taxpayers’ expense. My mother always taught me that I had no limitations. She instilled in me to believe in God, who created me.

Defend our Constitution, salute the flag, stand for the national anthem, kneel at the cross and serve our Lord.

Mavis Jacobs Hanson
Albert Lea