Letter: Why are Republicans afraid of Trump?

Published 8:30 pm Friday, March 31, 2023

Well they finally got the job done. It is my opinion that Liz Cheney should get the Medal of Honor. She is probably one of the only politicians that can be trusted to tell it like it is in Congress. She has definitely got character. There are so many Republicans who are afraid of Trump and won’t stand up to him like they should. They must all have a bone spur in their foot. I think the two biggest con artists this country has put up with is Rush Limbaugh and Don Trump. They knew how to get weak minds to think like them. They would say something that everyone agreed with and those weak minds swallowed it. Then they would say something way over their heads and they would think well he was surely right about that other thing so he must be right about this, too. Back when Obama was president he rallied for free trade. He was successful — at this time we lived in a world of milk and honey. Everybody could go to Walmart and buy almost anything at a good price. Then Trump came in and put a tariff on anything coming from overseas. What did China do? They added that tariff on everything they shipped over here. The American people paid that Tariff, not China. Now you are wondering why everything has gotten so expensive. Well, you can blame Trump. I have to repeat myself because I enjoy it so much. When you have a fool as a leader then you know his voters were well represented. I am still bragging. I didn’t vote for Trump.

Wayne Thorson
Albert Lea

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