Burger stand in Wells offering another option for lunch

Published 5:00 pm Wednesday, May 17, 2023

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The Burger Stand by Lacey’s opened for another season Wednesday morning. This is the second year for the stand, located next to Lacey’s Catering.

Lacey Hassing, owner of the stand as well as Lacey’s Catering, decided to open it last year because she said she thought Wells needed another burger option for lunches, and said her outdoor stand brought “something different.”

During opening week last year, Hassing said over 150 people came daily, and on an average week she sold food to between 500 and 1,000 customers.

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She described the setup as a “picnic lunch outside.”

“It’s very low-key,” Hassing said. “You get your sandwiches or other entrees and then you pick out your toppings, your chips and your beverages and your desserts. Then you can enjoy them here or take them to go.”

What made her burger stand different was the casualness of it, where patrons have the option of eating outside or getting a meal to go. The stand also sells bratwurst, hotdogs, a salad-of-the-week, desserts and beverages. There are also the specials, including mac-and-cheese brisket and the turkey bacon cranberry sandwich. All meat products come from Easton-based Country Butcher Shop, with fresh buns provided by Wells Bake Shop.

She decided last year was a good time to open after finally having the time in her schedule, as well as having the help, adding people enjoyed having lunch outside.

“It’s something quick and easy and affordable,” she said.

Sherrie Hassing operates the grill.

“She can’t do it without me,” she said, referring to her daughter, Lacey.

She described last year’s experience as fun, especially with the opportunity to see people she hadn’t seen for awhile.

Jonathan Back, owner of Carpenter Coffee, was also on hand after being invited by Hassing following a meeting last year at Kernel Days.

Colton Williams, an employee at Wells Concrete, was the first customer of the year.

“Good, quick food,” he said. “Small-town business, friends with family of Lacey so here to come by and get some good food.”

His wife, Sarah, described the burger stand as “the best.”

“We are always excited to partner with other local small businesses,” he said.

The burger stand is open 10:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday in May through September, weather-permitting. They also close for holidays, including Kernel Days. The stand accepts cash or checks only.

“The burger stand is special because it allows other small businesses to have a part in it,” Lacey Hassing said, referring to the local butcher shop, bake shop and advertising company.

The Burger Stand by Lacey’s is next to Lacey’s Catering, 32 Second Ave. NW, Wells.