Letter: Legislation this session has been a clear and present danger

Published 8:30 pm Friday, May 19, 2023

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I was surprised to read the letter to the editor about the clear and present danger which basically the GOP is responsible for this danger.

I do not fall into any of your categories, MAGA Republican, liberal progressive or not paying attention. I am paying attention and deeply disturbed regarding the direction things are going in our state as well as nationally.

I have taken time to educate myself on the issues of the day. In Minnesota I have come to realize that Gov. Walz’s One Minnesota is a state run by Democrats. I have seen $17 billion being added to the state budget without any consideration being given to how the surplus came to be — we are paying too much in taxes.

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The push to become carbon-free is a myth regarding what carbon is present in the air. The air over Minnesota is from all over the world and continues to change daily as the jet stream and wind affect the air. No thought has been given to where electricity is going to come from if the solar panels are full of snow or the wind turbines are not running. As for the push to electric vehicles, those residing in rural Minnesota where annual incomes tend to be lower will have problems affording the cost of an electric vehicle.

Small business owners will now be mandated to pay via a fee to the state for their employees. The state will then manage payments for the leave resulting in the creation of another government agency as well as more state employees. There are many examples that illustrate the inefficiency of the government — for example the food fraud scandal. Oh, the government this session decided to create a new state agency to make sure this does not happen again. I personally have no faith that the government will catch future scams.

As for crime and guns one would think that people would realize that you cannot legislate behavior. Those that are committing crimes with guns really do not care what the law is. The truck park shooting illustrates that when a person in the cities bought a gun for the guy who then shot up the truck park.

I just want some common sense and do not expect it from the politicians in power because they have shown they have no idea of what reality is. My definition of clear and present danger is the legislation passed by the Minnesota legislator this session.

Lisa Holz