Letter: Thanks to carrier for her dedication

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, May 9, 2023

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Since moving to Albert Lea eight years ago I have considered one of my daily blessings to be the delivery of the Minneapolis Star Tribune to my door every morning. An even greater blessing was the faithful local delivery person, Tory Hurley. There were winter days one hardly imagined there would be paper delivery and yet it came.

When I say “delivery to my door” I mean it quite literally. My mobility prevents me from getting down my front steps, and Tory has always taken the extra effort to get it to my door in reach of my picker. She has been instrumental in keeping me connected to the world.

After 23 years, Tory is now planning to begin her well-deserved retirement. I know there have been stressful times for her and long nighttime hours to get papers to her customers early in the morning. I wish her every good thing in her retirement and thank her for her faithful and thoughtful service. She will be missed by more people than just myself.

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Margaret Olson
Albert Lea