My Point of View: It’s time to get serious about the future of this country

Published 8:45 pm Tuesday, May 9, 2023

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My Point of View by Brad Kramer

America is the greatest nation on Earth and has been a beacon of hope. Our military has brought stability to the world. Our Capitalist economy has lifted more people out of poverty within our borders and across the globe. The technological advancements we brought the world have changed untold lives and improved our understanding of the world. We’ve improved society in many ways since our founding.

Brad Kramer

We did it together, as Americans.

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Republicans stand behind the American dream that brought many immigrants to America. We start every meeting pledging allegiance to our flag. The same flag that so many Americans fought and died under. And we start with an invocation to God. America is good and worth fighting for. If I were to sum up why our meetings have been filling up even though we’re not in an election year, I believe this sentiment sums up why. Americans need hope in a better future, not more lectures about how awful we are.

In her last column, Jennifer Vogt-Erickson continued the Democrat campaign of dividing us by going on about Iowa’s differences, and the column before that was focused on “labor” to further divide business owners and employees. Democrats get people so agitated against each other that it causes a divide, and then Democrats get to swoop in with their taxpayer-funded programs to provide the “solution,” which further impoverishes entire communities and perpetuates generational poverty and reliance upon government.

Here are a few statistics from the Small Business Administration:

• 99.5% of businesses in Minnesota are small businesses.

• 46.2% of Minnesotans work for small businesses.

• Between 1994 and 2018, small business employment grew 15.6%.

• In 2019, small businesses exported $5 billion in goods.

What does this mean for Minnesota? More of our community works for small businesses where we work for, and with, our neighbors. When we add together small businesses and government employment like school districts, they’re not the big rich corporations that Democrats want you to think everyone is working for.

Vogt-Erickson accused Iowa of bringing child labor back. As my teenagers were seeking jobs to pay for their own vehicles, insurance, spending money and savings, I had several conversations with Rep. Bennett because it seemed they had few options because of overbearing state laws. A job is an important opportunity to learn how to earn and save money, learn how the workplace operates, and understand life. One of my children started a lawn care business in high school, was a lifeguard and swim instructor, a fast-food supervisor and had a school apprenticeship at a local factory. All at the same time, before graduating high school. As industrious as he was, he still struggled to find jobs that could legally hire him. As I read what Iowa’s laws were changing to, I almost fell out of my chair laughing because Democrats believe that is “child labor” and endangerment, as Vogt-Erickson made the case for. Working teaches kids the skills I just mentioned, and many more, that serve them throughout life and helps close the inequality gap. They do not allow teenagers to work at highly hazardous jobs and mandate training and safety precautions.

If we really want equality, ask yourself why we would want to prevent a 16-year-old from having a job where they learn to manage money, develop work-ethic, learn to hold a job and learn skills like customer service? I would place more weight on those experiences than most college degrees. An industrious parent is always going to find ways to help their children get ahead. It’s human nature. Denying teenagers the ability to hold a job sounds more like a way to keep them ignorant and behind in life. For generations. This is government bureaucracy created by bureaucrats with no idea what they’re talking about, who create disparity in society, then blame Capitalism.

I am proud of Rep. Bennett’s efforts to make youth apprenticeship programs a reality in our community. When parents, educators and industry come together to make something good happen for young adults, everyone wins. Leave it to Democrats to think you are too incompetent as parents to decide if your teen is mature enough to work an entry-level job. This is the same party that is mandating electric vehicles that use metals mined using actual forced child labor. But since that happens in other countries, it’s OK? Sounds racist to me.

It’s time for us to get serious about America and our future because our children are not going to be better off than us if we don’t. Now I’ll wait a week for a lecture on inequality, privilege, whose missing what other newly imagined Constitutional rights, and patriarchy. We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming months at the fair, parades, festivals and meetings! God bless America!

Brad Kramer is a member of the Freeborn County GOP Party.