Teacher at NRHEG chosen as new high school principal

Published 5:47 pm Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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Following the acceptance of David Bunn’s resignation as principal at NRHEG Secondary School earlier this month, Grant Berg has been hired for the position pending school board approval.

Berg has served in the district for 18 years and presently serves as a middle and high school social studies teacher.

Michael Meihak, superintendent of the district, said he knew the steps following Bunn’s resignation were important, so while it was fairly late to receive the notice, the district moved quickly.

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“Our first thought was, ‘Let’s get busy and make sure that we get the posting out there, have it posted for a couple weeks and see what we get for applicants,” he said, noting it was standard protocol to fill the position in such a time frame.

An announcement NRHEG was accepting applicants for a new secondary principal was posted on May 8, and applications were accepted through the 22nd, with interviews conducted last Wednesday. The interview committee consisted of students, parents, paraprofessionals, classroom teachers, administration and Meihak.

According to Meihak, staff and parents looked for the same qualifications, including visibility, having a strong ability to build relationships, commitment and understanding of NRHEG. Students wanted a leader they could trust and who would respect them.

“[Berg] is someone that the students know and the staff knows — both the students and staff respect him,” he said.

He also had high expectations for Berg, and believed Berg would live up to his own expectations through his work ethic, dedication and commitment.

He’s already been stopped by people who thanked him for hiring Berg.

According to Meihak, he and Bunn held several conversations prior to the announcement.

“It was just something that he was looking at and making some changes,” Meihak said, referring to Bunn’s resignation. “No, I wasn’t overly surprised by it.”

Bunn had served as principal for a decade.

He also wished Bunn well in his future endeavors.

The district held interviews for his replacement last Wednesday, with three in-person interviews conducted among the seven applications received.

“We were very impressed with the candidates that were selected to come in,” Meihak said. “Three quality individuals that have an extensive background in education.”

He said Berg has a “fantastic demeanor with the students,” and though he will be a young administrator and there will be things he has to learn as he goes along, the transition into the district would be a lot easier and smoother with Berg and his experience.

The school board will meet June 20, and, if approved, Berg’s first day in the position will be July 1.

Berg could not be reached for comment.