Updates from Upperclassmen: ALHS class of 2023 signs off

Published 8:00 pm Friday, May 19, 2023

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Updates from Upperclassmen by Kailey Boettcher and Hattie Nelson

The end of high school is here. Never again will the class of 2023 be students at Albert Lea High School. It is a bittersweet experience finishing high school.

Kailey Boettcher

Kindergarten feels like a month ago, and starting at Albert Lea High School fresh as an eighth grader felt like yesterday. It all feels so surreal. Albert Lea High School has become a home for the past five years of our lives. We come to school every day, support our sports and extracurricular activities and we make so many amazing memories here. It’s sad to be leaving, to be saying goodbye forever.

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Not only are we saying goodbye to ALHS, we will soon be saying goodbye to everyone. We will be saying goodbye to our friends as we head different directions to college and saying goodbye to our family members. However, we aren’t saying goodbye to our memories. From participating in all our school spirit weeks, to going to a sports or extracurricular activity, getting hyped at the pepfest, all of our late night drives, and our school dances, we will cherish all of these memories for the rest of our lives.

Hattie Nelson

Now we are Albert Lea High School alumni. When we come home from college, it will feel like a flashback, but in reality, we were only in high school a few months ago.

This sadness of saying goodbye has positives. We are finally able to apply our knowledge out into the world. We are able to take a new step in our lives. We are able to do anything we want without limits.

We want to thank Albert Lea High School for all of the opportunities that we have been given. Without the support and kindness from the staff of the high school, we simply would not be where we are today. It has truly been some of the best years of our lives. So thank you Albert Lea High School. Class of 2023 is signing off.

Kailey Boettcher and Hattie Nelson are seniors at Albert Lea High School.