Updates from Upperclassmen: As class of ’23 signs off, class of ’24 comes in to take the lead

Published 8:00 pm Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Updates from Upperclassmen by Ashlye Guzman and Htoo K’baw Paw

As the graduating class of 2023 signs off, and they all venture out to begin their individual stories outside of high school, the class of 2024 is signing on to take on the new role as seniors. If you were to take a look into our minds and try to figure out what we’re thinking, there’s one thing you’ll find for certain: We’re filled with many feelings and thoughts regarding our future. We are scared for the future, as reality finally starts to set in that we’re now becoming young adults; we are facing many important decisions that we’ll soon have to make as we enter our senior year. People keep asking if we’re planning on going to college, taking a gap year or even getting a full-time job. Some of us may already know what we want to do with our lives, while others are still coming to a conclusion.

Ashlye Guzman

At the same time, there are many good things that come with finishing high school: (hopefully) no more waking up early in the morning to go to school, no more writing essays for a class that you didn’t even want to take, and no more Mr. Luther having to chase you so that you can answer his question of the day.

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We asked some of our fellow soon-to-be seniors their thoughts on crossing the threshold:

“I don’t really have any thoughts about becoming a senior. To me it’s just like any other year, just easier and less stressful.” — Anonymous

“I’m not too worried about my senior year, but I am worried about how bad my senioritis will be.” — Anonymous

“I’m just glad I have one year left, and then I can start being more independent and moving forward with my life.” — Anonymous

Htoo K’baw Paw

“Four years ago around this time, I had all of these emotions running through my head, asking myself what it would be like preparing for my first year of high school, not knowing that now, in a couple of months, I will start my senior year of high school. I never imagined time going by this fast, especially now. I am glad I enjoyed the beginning of my high school experience because I know now that by next year I’ll have a blast spending every second of it knowing it’ll be my last” — Belen Perez

“It is our time to shine, and so we better stand up and show our Tiger pride as seniors because the underclassmen look up to us even if they don’t show it.” — Shyanne Sundve

Although senior year is in our main view, let’s not forget that we can also be excited about what’s to come after graduation. Seniors, don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from making a difference in your life; you’re the one who’s in charge. The class of 2024 is taking over for the class of 2023, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Ashlye Guzman and Htoo K’baw Paw are soon-to-be seniors at Albert Lea High School.