Letter: It’s time to bring back common sense leadership to the state

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, June 6, 2023

If you had a chance to read Jennifer Vogt-Erickson’s column in the My Point of View section from Wednesday the 31st, you would think that a great utopia is about to descend upon the people of Minnesota. Why? Because of the so-called “historical” and “transformational” session that was just wrapped up at the Capitol in St. Paul.

In response, I would urge you to read Rep. Peggy Bennett’s column from June 3 in regards to this last session. She dubbed it “a session of misplaced priorities and out-of-control spending.” Even though Minnesota had a record surplus, in the neighborhood of $17.5 billion, our state government, led by a trifecta of DFL control, managed to raise the budget by 40% while spending the entire surplus and raising your taxes by another $9.7 billion dollars to boot! Not to worry though, low-income families will be receiving $260 back due to the benevolence of the DFL leaders in St. Paul. (Yeah, right).

If this sounds outrageous, let them know how you feel! We used to be the proud state of 10,000 lakes, but along with this tax and spending free for all, we are now an abortion destination and new recipients of legalized recreational marijuana! I could go on, but you get the idea.

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Perhaps some soul searching by the local DFL Party is in order. Though they may have control in St. Paul, they have not fared well in our neck of the woods in recent elections, and for good reason! It’s past time to oust the radical left from their ranks and get back to some common sense leadership in St. Paul!

Scott Bute