Letter: We are not asking for the Taj Mahal?

Published 8:30 pm Friday, July 28, 2023

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Is this really a comment that I saw on the Facebook page for the G-E referendum? I am not sure, but doubt anyone thinks that the community is wanting to build a fancy school. That is not the issue here. The issue is the amount of money needed for a new building.

This is about the best future for all the children in the district, which unfortunately is declining. It is no fault of anyone. This is the trend of rural Minnesota as we know it now. Family farms are dwindling, and people are not having three to four kids, let alone one to two per/household. We all have adapted to change, and this is something unavoidable.

In my opinion, 25 years to pay this kind of debt with so few of kids in each classroom is unwise. I could see if there were no options in the area like so many have to deal with in Greater Minnesota, but Albert Lea is five to six miles away? Lyle is not far and they already have a new school that has room for many students.

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This vote is coming, and I just hope people understand that both communities are wonderful with both communities wanting the best for their children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends.

You cannot ignore the fact of how much money it will take, how long the debt will be with us and how much declining enrollment has to do with such a huge decision.

There are many who can afford this and there are many who cannot.

We all deserve a fiscally sound community to attract homeowners. Even with the school shut down in Emmons, there are limited housing options for new homeowners, so I guess that means people will come to your community without a $37 million new school.

Joanne Brackey
Nunda Township