Letter: Poll results: What was the most important legislation passed this session?

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, August 8, 2023

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The Freeborn County Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party had a “Penny For Your Thoughts” poll at the DFL fair booth once again. This year, fairgoers were asked to choose the most important legislation out of 12 bills passed by the Minnesota DFL this session. Prior to the fair, members of the Freeborn County DFL narrowed the many bills passed this session down to 12 to include in the poll. All ages were allowed to participate. Volunteers noticed that children typically chose Free Public College (For Working Class Families).

The results are as follows:

• 151 pennies: Protect reproductive freedom

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• 130 pennies: Free public college (For working class families)

• 82 pennies: Affordable day care

• 71 pennies: Legalizing cannabis

• 71 pennies: Lower prescription drug costs

• 66 pennies: Eliminate tax on most Social Security

• 60 pennies: Family medical leave

• 57 pennies: Nursing home investments

• 49 pennies: Working class tax cuts

• 36 pennies: Bonding bill (funding lake dredging and water treatment Phase 1)

• 28 pennies: $550 million for law enforcement

• 17 pennies: Rural broadband

Angie Hanson
Albert Lea