Letter: Trump handled the economy well

Published 8:30 pm Friday, August 25, 2023

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A recent letter to the editor asked the question of those who support Donald Trump, “What attracts people to vote for him?” While there are many reasons why people supported Trump, the short answer is how he handled the economy. Under Trump’s presidency, inflation was under 3%, food was cheap and abundant, fuel prices were low and our country was energy independent.

The stock market flourished and real income increased each year. There was no disastrous pullout of Afghanistan, our southern border was secure and our cities were not overrun with rampant crime, child sex trafficking and drugs like fentanyl. The world was relatively peaceful and America was respected.

Over 75% of citizens recently polled said that our country is going in the wrong direction. Joe Biden has obvious cognitive deficiencies and his own mountain of serious legal issues facing him. (Not that the mainstream press does anything about it). Waiting in the wings is his very unpopular and incompetent vice president Kamala Harris.

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Given the Biden administration’s dismal track record, the question should be what is it that would attract anyone to vote for more of the present corruption and failure?

Scott Bute