Letter: Why are Trump supporters so loyal?

Published 8:30 pm Friday, August 25, 2023

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It became evident the moment Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president that the Democratic Party, Old Guard Republicans, mainstream media and the top echelon of the government bureaucracy would do everything in their power to block his agenda.

Why has Trump evoked such animosity? Trump’s primary problem is that he is not a member of the “elite establishment” and is not beholding to special interests or major donors. The fact that no one has leverage on him terrifies both parties. But, thats what attracts the common citizen who is tired of empty promises spewing forth from members of the establishment.

No president in history has endured the level of persecution that Trump has. Yet, like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps coming back for more.

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The question is why? Money and fame certainly are not the reason. He has already made his mark on history. So what’s driving him?

Trump supporters are convinced that he and he alone has the vision, courage, stamina and will power to reverse America’s decline toward socialism. Yes, he has a colossal ego, can be vulgar and vindictive, but he puts America and the common man above the interests of arrogant self-serving international elites, of both parties who believe, “we” the “unwashed masses” are not capable of governing ourselves.

Every president since Reagan has advocated for “A New World Order.” Trump’s “Make America Great Again” policies are viewed as a threat by New World Order advocates.

Trump naively believed that old guard members of the Republican Party and career government bureaucrats would support his goals, and he did not fully realize the power of the Deep State.

However, his most serious mistake was entrusting Dr Fauci to lead efforts to combat the COVID epidemic. I am convinced Dr. Fauci was implicit in the enhancement of this virus that was developed in a Chinese lab with funding supplied by Fauci, courtesy of the American tax payer.

So, why are Trump supporters so loyal? That’s simple: He listens to the common man and did his best to keep campaign promises.

Placing three conservative Constitutionalists on the Supreme Court will be his greatest legacy. His efforts to achieve energy independence, close our southern border and rebuild our military are positives. He persuaded members of NATO to meet their financial obligations, renegotiated key international trade agreements, lowered taxes, eased feckless regulations on businesses and helped veterans get better health care.

Under Trump, the economy was booming, inflation was 2% and there were no new wars. Compare that to Biden’s pathetic record!

Does anyone believe the indictments against Trump would have been filed if he was not a candidate for president? The goal of this witch hunt is to so damage him that he is unelectable. It’s dirty politics at its worst!

However, should Trump stumble there are qualified conservative candidates ready to step up. But, because of the media’s obsession with Trump, these candidates remain obscure.

“Are you better off today than you were three years ago?”

Don Sorensen
Albert Lea