April Jeppson: Set yourself up for success with new goals

Published 8:45 pm Friday, September 8, 2023

Every Little Thing by April Jeppson

April Jeppson

I set up the standing desk and bought some good quality honey. Only a few hours into using my desk I realized a few things. I need to use an anti-fatigue mat to stand on. It didn’t take long for my lower back to chime in on why I should be sitting down to do my work. I also need to wear sneakers or other supportive shoes when I’ll be at my desk for long periods during the day. Even the thickest and most cushioned mat is not enough to ease the anger of my body.

I was able to repurpose some old foam flooring to tide me over until a legitimate mat arrives. Since I still haven’t actually ordered one, I could be using these black puzzle shaped gym pieces for quite some time. It’s OK though. This is the cycle of April.

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I come across a new idea. Perhaps I read it, a friend brings it up or like last week, I’m inspired by a documentary. Then over the course of a few hours or days I do a ton of research. I want to know if there’s truth to this new way of living. If the evidence is there, then I’ll make the plunge and be all in and I’ll do the thing.

A few years ago I saw a documentary about the negative effects that sugar has on the body. I learned all about the benefits of keeping ourselves in an alkaline environment and which foods assisted with this. I read reports and studies of people who had overcome diseases that were previously diagnosed as incurable. I knew what I needed to do to become a healthier version of myself. I printed off recipes, borrowed a juicer and was all in.

I know you’re wondering, so I’ll keep the suspense short. I think I juiced all of three times. I made the mistake of using too much ginger and not enough yummy stuff and that pretty much ruined the entire experience for me. On the upside though, I still possess all the knowledge that I gained. I’m more aware of my food choices and their effect on my body. I actually have stuck to smaller portions of that larger goal. I love Ezekiel bread and have found ways to enjoy oatmeal (I previously detested it).

Back to this standing desk situation. I have a tabletop adapter that allows me to raise and lower my computer at will. In the week that I’ve had it in my office, I have had it fully up for half of the time. I’ve learned I need to prepare myself a little better for days that I want to utilize it for long periods of time. I’m not going to remove it or quit, but I do need to set myself up for success.

The weather is really nice today, so instead of trying to move more while in my office, I think I’ll have a walking meeting instead. In fact, the thought of enjoying the sunshine and the breeze has me wrapping up this article right now.

Albert Lean April Jeppson is a wife, mom, coach and encourager of dreams. Her column appears every Saturday.