Letter: It was horrific and traumatizing

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Recently, the dogs in our house were barking frantically, there was a commotion in our backyard, someone’s dog was ignoring the loud calls of the owner. Then I realize this large dog was tossing a baby squirrel up and stepping on it as the poor little creature tried to escape.

It was horrific to watch. The dog had gotten loose from his collar and wouldn’t listen to the owner.

I went to offer help to stop the baby squirrel’s torture. The owner said the dog was a hunting dog. I think there is a difference between hunting and playing for a long time with a little creature. Large dogs need harnesses when they walk in town. A harness would’ve prevented this from happening.

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I’ve had nightmares remembering the baby squirrel’s face. Please if your dog hunts make sure to walk them with a harness. Thank you.

Clemencia Gujral
Albert Lea