Letter: Think hard before you vote

Published 8:30 pm Friday, September 8, 2023

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Dear Mr. Wayne Thorson and anyone else concerned,

You asked for this, and I have the answers that are true.

• Trump cut taxes on all middle class!

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• Built the border wall.

• Took no salary as president, and they gave it to charity.

• US of A was respected all over the world.

• No wars.

• Taxed China on their imports and collected billions of dollars and gave every farmer a check. My nephew is a small farmer, and he received a check.

• Started the pipeline, and we are independent with gas and oil. Also, gas and oil reserve for any emergency. Gas was less than $2 a gallon.

• Put our embassy in Jerusalem. They wanted him to build a $2 million building. He found one adequate for $50,000. Saved money! Made Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

• Changed the law so farmers could give their children the farm and not be taxed so heavily they could never afford to buy it.

• As president, he backed Christianity and the church.

• He has hard-working children and said they can drive a tractor as well as a Cadillac.

• He met with Kim Jong Un of North Korea to stop setting off atomic bombs.

I know he talks a little rough sometimes, but he’s worked on the construction line.

As far as I’m concerned, I will vote for him as long as he stays on the right path. And with all the Dems trying to ruin him with lies. They never let up, but he still gets things done.

Thank you for hearing me out. God bless you all, and think hard before you vote.

Ruth Sanders
Albert Lea