Updates from Upperclassmen: Welcome back to ALHS

Published 8:00 pm Friday, September 8, 2023

Updates from Upperclassmen by Demo Calderon

Demo Calderon

Late August has come around, and school has begun once more. ALHS is filled with diversity, and every person here matters.

There are a couple of new protocols to come along with it, which is what I want to share today.

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The main change from previous years is the new phone protocol, or just electronics in general. Teachers want to eliminate the distraction caused by phones and personal devices. This was implemented within one of my classes last year, and I’m quite glad to see it come schoolwide, as it will be able to help students focus more and overall understand the topics that are being taught within classrooms.

The only other change in terms of how things work at the school would have to be the day being split up into eight periods instead of seven, which was done to create an additional lunch. This has been an enjoyable change, as the amount of students within the lunch room is smaller.

With school beginning once more, students also have to get back into the mindset of school, whatever that means to them. Whether it’s fixing a sleep schedule or listening habits, most have things that will slightly change within their lifestyle while school is in session. With it, comes those who perhaps have a harder time focusing in school or don’t enjoy school as a whole.

I want parents to know that help in all forms is available for students and that the school is a safe space. Teachers here are more than willing to listen to what students and parents have to say, and they’ll do their best to help out. I hope parents will encourage their children to reach out if something is troubling them.

I also hope parents will encourage their children to try out an extracurricular activity this year. The high school offers clubs like Dungeons and Dragons, Chess Club, Gay Sexuality Alliance, Astronomy Club and Humanities Club. Students can learn more about these activities through the announcements.

If your student(s) ever feels unsure about joining a group, it never hurts to encourage them to pop their head into a room and get a feel of the environment around them. This way, they’ll be able to have a deeper understanding of what the activity and community around it is like and make their decision on whether they want to join or not from there. I can’t wait to see the new faces that’ll pop in!

To close this off, I want to wish everyone the best with the school year that is to come. Whether students just came from middle school, and this is their first year here, or they’re seniors who want to graduate and get things over with, I hope that the school year treats them well and that they can possibly learn more about themselves along the way.

Learning about yourself is a treasure like no other, and it’s always interesting to understand why you respond to things the way you do; parents can play an instrumental role in helping their children become their best selves.

I also want to congratulate those students and their supportive parents who keep pushing through, and who still do their best to flourish no matter the hardships that they’ve faced. You’re doing wonderful, and I hope everyone strives to do the best they can. Everyone — parents and students — all have a purpose within the world, and it’s up to you to figure out what yours is. You matter, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here’s to a good school year.

Demo Calderon is a junior at Albert Lea High School.