Updates from Upperclassmen: It’s that time to get serious about applying for college

Published 8:00 pm Friday, October 6, 2023

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Updates from Upperclassmen by Kendra Knutson

In August of 2019 I arrived at the high school, not knowing how fast time would fly. I remember walking through the pool doors scared of everything unknown and not living in the moment. I was taking for granted all the time I had left. Looking back, I’m floored at how fast the time has flown. It seriously went by in the blink of an eye. Here I am as a senior at Albert Lea High School, and I still feel like the little eighth grader I was, walking in on her first day. Something I’ve always tried to live by is living in the present moment. This is challenging, though. As students and as people, it’s easy to get into a routine and forget to snap out of it and appreciate the time we are in. As students, most days we wake up, go to school and go to practice then go home, only to wake up and repeat it all over again. I can openly say that I struggle with this. I get into a routine and tend to stick to that routine. This is something I stress over because I know that time is running out and it’s not slowing down.

Kendra Knutson

A teacher once gave me a good representation of what I was feeling; she said, “The stress and overwhelming feeling you are feeling right now is out in front of you, out of your control. Channel that feeling into reality, what is right in front of you, what you can control and what you have the power over.” This made me really think. What do I have the power over? What should I be focusing my attention on? Most seniors would be thinking of their future, college in particular with a million thoughts about what to do. Our situations are different, but we’re also all in the same boat. With many different career options and lots of colleges to choose from, just trying to find the perfect match can be a real challenge.

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Applying for college is a big step in our academic journey. Thankfully, now is a great time to start applying because in Minnesota, October is College Knowledge Month. This means during October, the 26 colleges and seven universities of Minnesota State are offering many ways to save on the higher education experience, making October a great time for students to take advantage of visit and tour events, and apply for admissions!

ALHS has a lot to offer as well. College Knowledge Trivia takes place everyday during October and is a fun way to learn about college. On Oct. 3, the school offered a webinar about applying to colleges. It helped simplify the whole process for students and provided information about preparing, searching and applying for colleges. On Wednesdays, students are encouraged to wear their college gear to show off where they plan on attending. Every Friday, counselors are available in the lunchroom. Students can ask any questions they have regarding college visits, applications, completing the FAFSA, etc. Students are also able to make appointments to discuss any post secondary questions they might have.

Next week, another webinar will be offered at the school about understanding financial aid. ALHS is working hard to make sure that attending and paying for college is not a barrier for anyone.

Students are encouraged to reach out to counselors and talk about college and career options with their parents. It can be hard living in the moment when our future looms ahead, but I’m thankful our school is helping us approach these exciting opportunities.

Kendra Knutson is a senior at ALHS.