Albert Lea cosmetologist brings new life to decades-old beauty salon

Published 4:21 pm Thursday, November 2, 2023

By Ayanna Eckblad

A longstanding Albert Lea establishment, Dinah’s Style, is getting a makeover from its new owner Delaney VanderSyde.

VanderSyde grew up in Albert Lea and was a regular client of Dinah’s Style.

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“I knew the previous owner,” VanderSyde said. “She’s done my hair all my life.”

VanderSyde graduated from Albert Lea High School in 2021 and decided from there that she wanted to go to cosmetology school.

“I wanted to do something hands-on. I knew I could never do an office job,”she said. “I’ve always been interested in hair and beauty and stuff growing up.”

She attended Nova Academy of Cosmetology in Mankato and graduated in 2022.

VanderSyde’s professional career began when she returned to Albert Lea and worked at Studio 22 salon until March 2023, at which point she reached out to Dinah’s Style’s previous owner.

“I knew that [the previous owner] was wanting to sell, and I’m very business motivated,” VanderSyde said. She got a loan through the Albert Lea Economic Development Agency and was able to purchase Dinah’s Style on April 1.

VanderSyde was excited to begin her dream of having her own business, but she worried that the community would have a hard time seeing her as the new owner.

“I’m only 20 years old,” she said. “[Clients and staff] have all been there … 20-plus years so as this young girl coming in, I was kind of nervous about how they would accept me.”

Fortunately VanderSyde said that the people of Albert Lea have been incredibly supportive to her.

“Small businesses support small businesses,” she said.

After purchasing the salon, one of Vandersyde’s first goals was to update the interior of the salon. It had remained largely the same since the business opened over 45 years ago. The project began with renovating the bathrooms and hallways. VanderSyde plans to eventually renovate more areas of the building as resources become available.

“I’m trying to bring the salon back to life,” VanderSyde said. She explained that feeling appreciated for all that she has done for the salon is her favorite part of the job.

Currently, Dinah’s Style offers all hair services, including colors, cuts, perms and styling. It also does acrylic nails, manicures, pedicures, ear piercings, lash extensions, facials and waxing. It is at 405 E William St., and appointments can be scheduled by calling 507-373-3822.

VanderSyde said the salon has been gaining more business recently, and she anticipates that it will be a busy holiday season.