Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

Published 8:51 pm Friday, November 17, 2023

To the women’s groups making quilts to honor area veterans.

We have been inspired by the various women’s groups coming together to make quilts to give to veterans in the area to thank them for their service.

For several months now, a group of women have made and given quilts out as part of the Quilts of Valor program in various ceremonies at the Albert Lea American Legion. Each month they are recognizing different veterans.

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Last week, a different group of women presented over 40 quilts they made to all of the veterans at St. John’s Lutheran Community.

We cannot begin to imagine the time and energy that making these quilts takes, and we thank all who are involved for using their talents for good.

And to the veterans who are being recognized: We hope these quilts will serve as a reminder of the gratitude everyone in the community has for their service. Thank you.

To continued arts growth in the community.

We love seeing all the arts opportunities expanding in Albert Lea.

Whether it’s the new sculpture walk around parts of Fountain Lake and downtown, murals, ongoing art exhibits at both the Albert Lea Art Center and Freeborn County Arts Initiative or even art coming out of the schools, the opportunities are limitless when it comes to art and the benefits it can bring to a community.

In addition to the visual arts, there’s continued performing arts opportunities as well as homegrown singers who are going on to achieve great things.

We hope these efforts will always be a priority in the community because they help us communicate and understand each other in new ways.

They can also be cathartic as we go about on life’s journey.

To the county board’s decision to review interim Freeborn County Administrator Ryan Rasmusson’s performance at the next meeting.

We are glad to see the Freeborn County Board of Commissioners come to a consensus that they will review the performance of interim Freeborn County Administrator Ryan Rasmusson, who has been leading the county since the termination of Candace Pesch.

While we are not privy to all of the dealings at the county, from what we have observed, he has been level-headed, knowledgeable, approachable and respected by his colleagues.

He was also previously always well respected in his role as assessor in the county Assessor’s Office.

If the board chooses not to have Rasmusson take the permanent position, we urge them to move swiftly to find a replacement. The county has been in a stage of limbo for too long.