Letter: I still choose Biden over Trump

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, February 13, 2024

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Have you heard what those Trumpsters are saying now? They are accusing Biden of having dyslexia. Now these are the people who voted for Trump twice and will do it again even if he is in jail. I have to wonder about their mental health. Trump incited those weak-minded people at his rally to go to the Capitol and ambush it on Jan. 6. He ordered Vice President Pence to sabotage the Biden Inauguration that day. Pence refused to do what he was told. Trump ordered his Proud Boys to assassinate Pence for not following his orders. Those Proud Boys were the leaders of that attack.

Now with a little bit of common sense, who would vote for Trump after knowing all this? I find it hard to believe one voter would vote for Trump with this knowledge.

Other information is that Trump has a total of 91 indictments. All the rest of past presidents all together have zero indictments.

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Trump owes over $50 million on lawyer bills. And as it stands now he owes $83 million in punitive damages.

I don’t think his attorneys did a very good job. Trump is the one with the silver tongue. He could sell refrigerators to Alaskans. We have known a lot of good con artists but I would have to say Trump is the best. Those cult leaders don’t even come close. Charlie Manson came close when he ordered those weak-minded followers to go to Sharon Tate’s home and kill her and all her friends. Charlie died in prison a couple years ago. He came up for parole several times but was turned down because of his ability to incite weak-minded people.

Biden got his infrastructure bill passed, and now the stock market is breaking records every day. It is over 38000 now and keeps going up. The unemployment is the lowest it has ever been and has remained there for some time. We are definitely in a robust economy. So who do you plan to vote for?

That wise old sleepy Joe or that dictator wannabe silver-tongued Trump?

I choose sleepy Joe. Just so you know. I am still bragging. I didn’t vote for Trump.

Wayne Thorson
Albert Lea