Letter: One man’s biased opinion

Published 8:30 pm Friday, February 2, 2024

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As Americans we are being duped by politicians of both parties. Democrats march in lock step with Socialist drummers. Republicans are hopelessly divided.

Old guard Republicans desperately cling to power. RINOS in reality are old -school Democrats. Then there’s the growing MAGA Conservatives, who are demonized as illiterate buffoons by politicians of both parties, the DC intelligentsia and the media.

It is inferred that the MAGA movement if not stopped will destroy democracy and America. I reject their false, inflammatory propaganda. I believe the MAGA movement stands for democracy, hope, freedom and peace. It’s about making American strong and self-sufficient, bringing jobs back home, lowering taxes and eliminating unnecessary regulations, thereby enabling America and her citizens to thrive. The MAGA movement was alive long before Trump.

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If America were to be drawn into a major military conflict, “very likely under Biden, ” where would the resources needed to defend herself come from?

Biden had the audacity to sell off America’s strategic oil reserves. The steel and computer chips needed to manufacture modern weapons of war would need to be sourced from China. If America is to survive it must be self sufficient.

Many conservatives won’t support Trump because of his bellicose demeanor. They prefer more refined, diplomatic leaders, who won’t draw red lines in the sand and threaten anyone who dares cross.

However, the refined/diplomatic Republican leaders have proven to be willing compromisers, with a long history of going along to get along.” Their compromises are responsible for many of the ills that plague this country. They are “globalists” at heart, content to let a cabal of elite, rich international individuals determine America’s future.

You may not like Trump, but he is a unique once-in-a-lifetime leader. I believe he truly loves America and will put her needs first. I know of no other leader in history that has been subjected to the level of unjustified persecution this man has endured. While others would have abdicated, he has the courage and audacity to fight back.

America needs a leader who has the courage to end the illegal invasion at our borders, which is overwhelming our cities, social-services, health care and schools and will forever change the face of America.

A leader who will challenge those worshiping the false God of “climate change,” fully utilize Americas abundant fossil fuel reserves, thereby creating jobs, lowering fuel prices and reducing inflation.

Earth’s climate has evolved throughout history and will continue to do so. The idea that mortal man can affect climate is a flawed science, promoted by globalists intent on controlling the world. Follow the money. Be honest, even if temperatures were to increase a few degrees, mankind would adapt. We always have.

I’m 85 years old! I fully recognize the onset of dementia — our president is failing. He’s an embarrassment. America needs an individual capable of leading this great country both at home and abroad. Our international partners no longer trust us, and our enemies neither respect or fear America.

Don Sorensen
Albert Lea