Letter: Trump wins! Hallelujah!

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Trump won Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada caucuses. He it the only person who can straighten out our country.

He has knowledge and backbone to face Putin, Iran’s ayatollah and many more presidents.

His first project is to close the border and remove illegal immigrants from our country.

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We had over 305,000 immigrants come into our country in December. We already have over 11 million here already.

The Democrats will never stop pulling up fake things about Trump. They started in 2017 and are still at it.

As for the rape charges, what a joke! I’m sure he has nothing to do but wander around women’s clothing stores looking for someone to rape. No one sees him, and no one screams or was heard. What a joke. How stupid can people be to believe this accusation? He has a beautiful wife, and I’m sure he doesn’t have to go to a department store to do this. Anyone who believes this is ignorant.

Now look at Nikki Haley. What has she to offer as president? How will she talk too Putin and other presidents? Put on a big smile and wave her hands? She has not an agenda to put forward.

The Chinese already own 350 million acres in the USA, and she just gave China 200 acres of land. Is she in bed with China?

She has no plans as to what to do as president. She just smiles and waves her arms.

Trump is the only person to do the job. God bless him. Vote for him.

I am 91 years old, almost 92. I still know what’s right and wrong.

Ruth Sanders
Albert Lea