Editorial: Final TV listings to print in Saturday edition

Published 8:50 pm Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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On Saturday the Albert Lea Tribune will publish its final TV listings in the newspaper.

We recognize this has been a longstanding part of the newspaper, but as technology has changed in recent years, the demand for the listings has decreased.
The guide included 32 listings each day, of which 23 were listings for channels that were only available to those with cable. They also featured only primetime TV hours.

As streaming services were introduced and have grown in recent years, many people now no longer have cable as they utilize other options to downsize their TV budget or to seek more options.

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For those who do still have cable, the cable companies offer a convenient guide that shows all of their channels and what will be shown every day — at all hours of the day.

In the spot where the listings had been placed in the past, we hope to replace that with more news or maybe even a weekly recipe page, as we have found that recipes are often requested by our readers.

Like most residents and businesses, we, too, have had large increases in costs each year in technology and daily services such as utilities, taxes, insurance, paper and more. We feel the inflation just as you do.

We work hard to balance a budget to guarantee success that will keep our business open and want to put our resources toward things that will be helpful to many readers.

And just as you would make adjustments to your own personal budgets when costs go up, we hope you will understand that this change is being made with the same thought in mind and to help continue our secure financial position in the coming years.

We thank you for your continued support.