Freeborn County voters select Trump, Biden

Published 9:42 pm Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden won the presidential nomination primaries on Tuesday in Freeborn County in their respective parties in what was a lower voter turnout than the same election four years ago.

Out of the 2,198 voters who cast their ballot for the Republican side, 1,732 voters, or 78.8%, selected Trump as their choice for president, while 417, or 19%, voted for Nikki Haley. Ron DeSantis received 35 votes, and the remaining candidates received six or less votes.

Of the 842 people who voted for the DFL presidential candidates, Biden received 700, or 83.1%, of votes. Sixty people said they were uncommitted, and Congressman Dean Phillips of Minnesota received 56 votes. The remaining candidates received 15 votes or less.

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Seventeen people also voted for the Legal Marijuana Now Party.

A total of 3,057 ballots were cast out of 18,373 registered voters in the county, equating to about 16.64% turnout.

That was down from the presidential nomination primary election in 2020 when 3,850 people voted, which equated to 21.56% voter turnout. In that election, there were significantly more DFL voters, with 2,643 DFL ballots cast, compared to the 1,208 Republican ballots cast.

The county followed suit with the rest of the state, which also selected Trump and Biden as the two leading candidates.

Freeborn County presidential primary results

(43 of 43 precincts reporting)

Ballots cast (total): 3,057

Ballots cast (Republican Party): 2,198

Ballots cast (DFL Party): 842

Voter turnout: 16.64%


Republican President

Donald Trump: 1,732

Vivek Ramaswamy: 5

Ron DeSantis: 35

Nikki Haley: 417

Chris Christie: 6

Write-in: 2


DFL President

Jason Palmer: 11

Joseph Biden: 700

Eban Cambridge: 1

Uncommitted: 60

Marianne Williamson: 15

Dean Phillips: 46

Frankie Lozada: 0

Gabriel Comejo: 3

Cenk Uygar: 3

Armando “Mando” Perez-Serrato: 2

Write-in: 0


Legal Marijuana Now President

Vermin Supreme: 2

Krystal Gabel: 3

Dennis Schuller: 7

Edward Forchion: 1

Rudy Reyes: 2

Write-in: 1