Letter: Save America

Published 8:30 pm Friday, March 29, 2024

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Having Joe Biden as president for three years in the United States, inflation has reached its highest level since 1980. With millions of illegal immigrants pouring across the border, everything is free. Car license in Minnesota, using our health care, taking away our Social Security income pay for their living expenses. Crime, destroying our cities, inflation, erasing our American dream of owning a home, cost of groceries and gasoline and all we need. Seniors living on fixed incomes, how do we support our communities?

Biden has the liberal media on his side; huge labor unions and left-wing mega donors like George Soros with the Democratic political machine having over $100 million in the bank to destroy every Republican candidate. The House Majority is down to just a few seats. Sadly, the Democrats’ agenda: illegal crossings are at a six-decade high; the United States suffered a crushing and humiliating military defeat that saw 13 U.S. marines lose their lives during the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal; and the unconstitutional vaccine mandates divided Americans; corruption scandals involving President Biden’s own immediate family members dominated the headlines and Hunter Biden refuses to show up for court.

Joe Biden’s policies brought devastation to our country, for which Trump has been blamed. Nancy Pelosi totally rigged the Jan. 6 commission. I, personally, have been to the Capitol in Washington, D.C., three times. It was well protected. Nancy Pelosi did not protect Republicans. We need to know the truth for the rest of the story of what really happened because we know we have been lied to.

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Trump’s First America Agenda for 2024: Defend our Second Amendment, secure our borders, advocate for parents’ rights, uphold religious liberty, advance energy independence, rebuild our economy, prevent government mandates over energy and personal health and so much more.

When Trump was president, he was president for all the people. He didn’t divide our country and lie to us. The Democratic Party is destroying U.S. sovereignty, our borders, our economy, our energy policy, the safety of our children and the security of our streets.

Biden’s Department of Justice is labeling patriotic parents as domestic terrorists just for speaking up at their children’s school board meetings. The same DOJ is sending an FBI SWAT team to arrest an innocent pro-life Catholic father just for praying at a pregnancy center. That’s exactly what the left did.

Trump for all Americans!

Mavis Jacobs
Albert Lea