Letter: The broken hallelujah of stupid worms

Published 8:30 pm Friday, March 8, 2024

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In my few years here, overall, I’ve observed a welcoming community dedicated to fostering understanding and respectful dialogue. That’s why it is disheartening to witness the recent influx of politically polarizing letters in our beloved Albert Lea Tribune. The use of derogatory language such as “stupid” and “worms” to describe individuals with differing political beliefs does not align with the values of mutual respect and empathy that we should strive to uphold.

I recently became aware of an organization called Braver Angels, which believes in the power of civil discourse and the importance of listening to diverse perspectives with an open heart and mind. It is through respectful communication and genuine curiosity about each other’s experiences that we can bridge the divides that threaten to tear us apart. We should take our cues from organizations like Braver Angels.

I urge fellow community members to engage in conversations that are rooted in kindness and understanding, even when we disagree. Let us remember that behind every opinion is a person with unique life experiences and values worth listening to.

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Together, let us commit to building a community where differences are celebrated, and where we can find common ground despite our political affiliations.

Only then can we truly embody the spirit of unity and cooperation that will lead us towards a brighter future for all.

In solidarity and hope,

Tiffany Paino
Albert Lea