Letter: Minnesota Care Public Option would help many

Published 8:30 pm Friday, March 8, 2024

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For 42 years, I was a paralegal advocate at Legal Services here in Albert Lea. People came to our office with a variety of problems. But I was struck over the years by how a lack of health care, that is the lack of accessible and affordable health care, impacted the lives of my clients.

People without good health care coverage don’t go to the doctor when they should. When they delay those visits, their health conditions worsen. People lose jobs, they incur larger health costs, they become disabled and sometimes they die far younger than they should have. I personally know of a family where the husband died of cancer, leaving his family bankrupt and losing their home. This should not be happening in Albert Lea.

The Minnesota Legislature is working on a plan to provide a buy-in to Minnesota Care for those with poor or no health care insurance. It is called the Minnesota Care Public Option. It would enable people who work for small businesses or independent workers, such as farmers and care providers, to purchase health insurance with better coverage and with a lower deductible. This would be a win for the people in Albert Lea.

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For the sake of our families, friends and neighbors, please contact Rep. Bennett, Sen. Dornink and Gov. Walz, asking them to support the Minnesota Care Public Option so that people are able to get the care they need.

Ted Hinnenkamp
Albert Lea