2024 Freeborn County Communities Foundation grant report: Cedar Valley Services

Published 8:00 pm Friday, April 19, 2024

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Organization: Cedar Valley Services

Project: Extended Employee community employment program

Report: The following goal is tracked: Cedar Valley will average over 1,800 hours of paid community employment per month for our workers.

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In 2023, CVS averaged over 1,900 hours of paid community employment per month.

Cedar Valley uses our Freeborn County Community Foundation Grant dollars to help with our Extended Employee (EE) community employment program.

Cedar Valley staff helps the workers with their community employment needs. There are no other providers in Freeborn County to assist employment needs. Our program ensures work for over 35 disabled workers in Freeborn County.

One of our EE workers is currently employed at Riverland Community College at the Cedar Valley Food Service Program. Daniel Pham has been an employee at Cedar Valley Services since June 2022. He says he likes working at Riverland Food Services because it is a nice atmosphere, he stays busy, there is a good crowd and good staff. His favorite job is cashier. Pham takes a lot of pride in the work he is completing, no matter what the job task is. He has a good sense of humor.

CVS will continue to monitor the goals established for the 2023 reporting period.