Editorial: Don’t forget to support area’s small businesses

Published 8:50 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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We’re in the middle of National Small Business Week, and we wanted to take a moment to recognize the important role small businesses have in society.

In Albert Lea, our community has been blessed to have a strong sense of entrepreneurship, and it is not uncommon to see our friends and neighbors begin a new business endeavor.

It is exciting to see new opportunities started in the city, and we cheer on those who put much on the line to provide something for the community.

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Whether it’s a restaurant, a retail business or some other service-oriented company, there’s a lot that goes into having a business.

While we recognize not every business will be successful, we recognize that we must all do our part to support local businesses if we want them to stick around.

Whether it’s going into their stores and buying their products, writing reviews about the local businesses that you love or sharing about positive experiences you have with businesses on social media, there are many ways you can give a boost to these establishments.

Have a great experience at a restaurant? Have an employee who went above and beyond to help you find a specific product?

Your reviews and your posts on social media will be seen by your friends and family and often will spark an interest in that business for them as well.

You can also buy gift cards to local businesses to give away for birthdays or other gifts.

Local businesses provide products and services we all rely on, and they are the backbone for many of the youth events and other fundraisers that take place in the community.

Let their owners know this week and always that they are appreciated, and always shop local when you have the opportunity.