Letter: Bennett’s claim is legitimate

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Discrimination in any form is wrong. Pulling the “white supremacy,” “race card” and other similar tactics to shut down the opinion of others, is also clearly wrong. In a civil society, everyone must respect the views and rights of another. Your rights end where another’s begin. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides for freedom of religion and no law shall abridge those rights. In supporting religious exemption to a recent law, Peggy Bennett is merely upholding the Constitution and religious rights. No law or group has the right to take away our Constitutional rights. Everyone has the right to peacefully exist and be respected in public without being accosted by another. But in order to take away your rights, groups and individuals will actively twist words, attempt to shove their opposing views in your face, down your throat, to shut you up. They are not entitled to restrict your rights. Remember, their rights end where yours begin. The Constitution was written to protect our individual rights and freedoms. Peggy Bennett was right to support a religious exemption. She has not done, said or supported anything in opposition to the above views. The false allegations recently made by another was their attempt to take away your rights. Clearly understand what these repeated tactics by one political party are really all about; that is, shutting down the opposition and eliminating your rights.

Last year the majority party passed a bill that added gender identity as a new protected class in the Minnesota Human Rights Act, and they purposely omitted protections for religious freedom. We need an amendment to the bill HF4021/SF4292 to add religious exemption, including the phrase “gender identity.” Your religious rights must be protected, otherwise you become the one discriminated against. Everyone’s rights are equal, none are superior.

Therefore, they cannot be allowed to infringe on your rights; and you must be willing to stand up for their rights; up until the point that it infringes on you. And in this case, without a religious exemption, it infringes on your rights.

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Religion is being targeted to silence its voice. Intimidations, restrictions, are trying to erase the presence of the Church. Churches have been fire-bombed and spray painted with derogatory remarks. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was defiled. Individuals wearing religious clothing have been discriminated against, penalized, suspended, censored, subjected to hate speech and removed from public premises. These are all attempts to cancel your rights. Look around your church. If it’s like mine, there are all races, colors, ethnicities and every group you can mention. If yours is not the same, perhaps you need to look for another church. Confirmation of the aforementioned religious terrorist attacks can be found in the publications of “Catalyst” by William A. Donohue, Catholic League, 450 Seventh Ave. New York, NY 10123.

Catherine Sippel
Albert Lea