Letter: Biden has had many failures

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Our current incumbent president just gets worse. He already has failed to cut current domestic spending and costly domestic regulations.

His failures on Afghanistan and other foreign policy areas are an outrage.

His failures at our southern border are an outrage, plus tax money is being spent on non-citizens. His problems with squatters in housing all results from floods of illegals allowed in the U.S. What is the cost to U.S. education systems, medical, etc.?

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Now he wants to forgive educational debts as a way to buy more votes. What about the people who never went to college? What about those who have already paid off their debts?

Failed energy policies and inflation of other basic costs hurt all Americans. Thanks, Joe.

Higher taxes especially on corporations are just collections of people that would be taxed twice.

Replacing the current aged incumbent president is long overdue, and before the end of 2024 all free informed U.S. citizens can vote to replace the current incumbent and those who support him. We can restore our free republic!

Tom Schleck
Albert Lea