Letter: Jesus offers most superior way of life

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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My apologies for a very late response to “The concern about Christian nationalism in our country” in the Feb. 7 paper. I read the article with intrigue since I’m a Christian, and I love my country. What was the concern?

Although there were many points I could make, I will respond to just one. “… Christian nationalism [is] marked by the domination and subjugation of women and anyone who is not a ‘true’ believer.”

Western society, specifically America, was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics. Although his followers don’t always get it right, Jesus was all about elevating women. Everywhere he went he valued, freed and gave purpose to women. There are multiple examples of that in the Gospels at a time when the culture did not share the same opinion.

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There is an instance of a woman caught in adultery and brought to Jesus to stone. In his typical gracious and loving way, he did not judge the behavior, but in his mercy he also instructed her to “sin no more.” That’s my example: Love people where they’re at, but encourage them in a better way. You will not find a more superior way of life than the one exemplified and taught by Jesus.

Melody Randall