Letter: Storm clouds are brewing in U.S.

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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Perhaps I’m paranoid, but I believe America has entered the most dangerous period in its history!

The anti-semitic protests at our universities are the first step of an attempt at insurrection coordinated by a foreign government.

When Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, every step was carefully orchestrated. Israel was expected to retaliate with overwhelming force. Hamas’s goal was massive civilian casualties in Gaza. Civilian casualties were then exaggerated to gain sympathy in the free world. Before Israel retaliated Hamas and Iran was spreading propaganda that Hamas was freedom fighters not terrorists.

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The goal is to portray Israel as the oppressor and individuals living in Gaza as victims. Bleeding heart sympathizers clamoring for a cease fire don’t understand that Hamas has no interest in peace; their goal is the total annihilation of Israel and its Jewish population as the chant “From the River to the Sea” implies.

Radical Islamic groups are coordinating protests on university campuses. Investigate the professional agitators coordinating these protests and follow the money, it would likely lead back to Iran. These protests will probably continue through the Democratic convention and beyond. Protest coordinators believe they will have the votes in key districts to swing the election, with the help of brainwashed students they may have. They do not want Trump, but a sympathetic, compliant DFL willing to support their cause and curtail Israeli military actions.

The young girls chanting “We are Hamas” have no idea what they are proposing. Hamas would enforce Islamic Sharia Law under which women have few rights.

If these protests were “anti-Black” the response and retribution would be swift and harsh. It appears anti-semitism is acceptable.

University leaders won’t act because they are the beneficiaries of large endowments from Arab countries and anti-semitism is a fact of life at most universities.

The thought that these radicalized, privileged youth becoming the future leaders of this country should scare the bejesus out of every American.

I propose the following actions! Any foreign student taking part in a “protest” be expelled, their visas revoked and be deported. American students promoting antisemitic protests be suspended and if applicable charged with “Hate Crimes.” Professors advocating for antisemitism be terminated and if relevant charged with hate crimes. Professional agitators coordinating protests and those providing financing be charged with hate crimes and insurrection.

Radical Islam has declared war on the free world. This is bloody struggle that’s been raging for over 1,400 years. Radicals vowing “Death to America” must be eradicated. The only thing that radical Islamists respect is overwhelming power.

Israel must be provided with the tools it needs to crush all Islamic terrorist groups. Place an embargo on Iranian oil and use our Navy to enforce it. Inform Iran that all efforts to produce a nuclear device will cease or Israel will be green lighted to destroy their facilities.

Sadly, the current administration does not have the courage to take decisive action. Because of our open border policies the enemy is among us and growing in strength.

Don Sorensen
Albert Lea