My Point of View: Government should prioritize fiscal prudence

Published 8:45 pm Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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My Point of View by Brad Kramer

In times of soaring inflation and economic uncertainty, discussions about taxes and spending become more relevant than ever. Rather than engaging in endless debates about who should bear the tax burden, it’s time to address the root issue: managing spending responsibly to ensure a fair tax system for everyone.

Brad Kramer

While acknowledging that overspending and waste can happen across party lines, the level of debt accumulated under Democratic governance is alarmingly unsustainable. This reckless approach burdens future generations with debts that threaten their financial stability and well-being. It’s crucial to create conditions where families can thrive on a single income without enduring excessive financial strain, making financial stability more attainable for all. Our tax levels are the primary driver behind families no longer being able to live on a single income. Families who want to survive on a single income should be able to make that decision without the level of sacrifice it currently takes for their own finances. The ability to live modestly on a single income should be the norm, not the exception.

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In a recent letter to the editor, Leonid Skorin Jr. accused Congressman Finstad of not supporting the war in Ukraine with taxpayer funds because Minnesota corporations produce those munitions. I have worked in factories that manufactured military components, and I have also built wooden crates that went overseas to send bodies home in. Funding a war and giving the reason that our economy profits from it, as this writer did, while referencing Joe Pacovsky’s MPV where he made similar points, is atrocious. “Supporting war in Europe is financially good for Minnesota.” That is the current spin by Democrats to raise your taxes to send money to a country with some of the highest levels of corruption in the world where billions have already gone unaccounted for. Democrats like Leonid and Joe want to saddle you with more debt to fund multiple wars we didn’t have four years ago, to put that money into the hands of businesses during wartime spending in a war that Congress never formally approved. Think about that logic.

The current tax landscape in the United States burdens citizens across income brackets with a multitude of taxes: sales tax, income tax, gas tax, property tax, and more. Businesses also face a complex web of taxes and regulations, contributing to the overall tax burden. High taxes diminish citizens’ purchasing power and stifle economic growth, highlighting the need for a balanced tax policy that fosters prosperity for all.

Environmental regulations, while essential for sustainability, can sometimes be misused to hinder beneficial projects. Local water management initiatives and drainage projects often face unnecessary hurdles and costs due to bureaucratic red tape and environmental assessments. These additional expenses, driven by external groups and regulatory bodies, strain local resources and hinder community development.

Efforts to streamline regulations, such as the “two-for-one” rule enacted during the Trump administration, demonstrate the importance of responsible governance. For every new regulation introduced, two existing ones must be eliminated, reducing bureaucratic bloat and unnecessary costs. Adopting such measures ensures that taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently and effectively, without burdening citizens with excessive regulatory costs.

Moving forward, it’s essential to advocate for responsible fiscal policies that prioritize effective governance over partisan interests. Representatives like Peggy Bennett and Gene Dornink have played crucial roles in securing local funding, but the system shouldn’t require such extensive lobbying efforts for basic community needs. Empowering local communities to manage their resources effectively, with reduced reliance on state and federal funding, promotes self-sufficiency and fiscal responsibility.

As we navigate economic challenges and evolving global threats, a responsible government that prioritizes fiscal prudence and efficient spending is paramount. By fostering a culture of accountability and transparency, we can ensure that taxpayer dollars are utilized judiciously, benefiting our communities and safeguarding future generations from undue financial burdens.

All of this while our border is wide open, with known criminals and terrorists being among the numerous illegal immigrants who are now a drain on the sanctuary cities who were supposedly sanctuary cities but are begging to stop the flow of new immigrants as they cut school, police, and fire spending.

I’m ready for mean Tweets, world peace, economic prosperity, and sane military policies, as well as fiscal responsibility soon.

Brad Kramer is a member of the Freeborn County GOP Party.