Letter: Exemption loophole in U.S. law allows illegal residents to vote without penalty

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Politicians have huge reasons to cheat. The winners control who gets trillions in tax dollars, massive powers. Individuals falsely claim no voter fraud or conspiracy. To win, they pass bad laws and don’t enforce good laws. Judicial Watch had to repeatedly sue to get laws enforced, removing 4 million ineligible names from national registries. Illegal voting and misuse of tax dollars result from failure to enforce laws, badly worded laws. Why is voter integrity made objectionable and evil? Answer: It stops the theft. We must enforce laws and correct bad laws.

Voting is a privilege that should be dedicated to legal USA citizens who live here, pay taxes and have earned the right to vote by honoring our laws. That last part of “honoring our laws” is reason felons historically lost their right to vote. It is only just, fair and appropriate that someone who illegally entered the USA should also face the same loss of right to vote. If you feel differently then I would like to know exactly why they are entitled to immediate rights historically taken away from felons.

Only citizens should have a vote controlling laws and the future of the country, and not someone violating our laws, choosing to enter illegally. If they cannot obey our basic laws (of immigration), then it is highly unlikely that they will become law-abiding citizens, capable of paying taxes and improving the USA.

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Countries worldwide enacted immigration laws for these reasons. Illegal aliens cannot vote in other countries. Why should illegal aliens be allowed to choose your president, senator or representative?

Failure to assimilate means the USA is not getting benefits from new immigrants as in the past. Now, there is often no adoption or acceptance of our way of life. No “melting pot,” unlike immigrants from prior decades. Before, they assimilated, brought us the best parts of their culture and everyone was better off.

Sadly, that is not happening now. What politicians don’t understand is that once there are enough new immigrants, they will vote in their own people, their own laws, not people currently in power. Already, there are concerns of abusive laws (to women, example Muslim Sharia Law) being voted-in some parts of the USA. What a disaster it will be having polar opposite laws every time you cross city, state borders. People encouraged to come to the USA are not adopting our language, values and work ethic. The country will become ever more divided, unlawful, poor and unable to effectively communicate because of the multitude of languages. Not enough jobs, manufacturing and farming is being automated.

I will not tolerate individuals that attack opposing viewpoints using “White Supremacist”or “racist” labels, repeatedly used to shut down any opposition to their narrative. I just see what is happening: a very poor, divided country trying to cope with much unrest, multiple languages and complex opposing laws. As citizens, our vote should not be canceled, overridden by people recently flooding in the back door instead of following the process, showing willingness to become lawful, productive citizens that historically assimilate, benefiting the USA, making it the best place to live.

Richard Becker
Albert Lea