Letter: GOP should take a look in the mirror

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Just had a look at Mr. Kramer’s My Point of View column, which I see his admission “We’re not perfect…” Boy, has he got that right. His GOP Party embraces the most vicious of the world’s communists: Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia.

The Communist Putin allows Russia to be the number one production of child pornography on the planet. Kiev Ukraine journalist, Phil Ittner, tells us the communist Putin ordered his solders to take 100,000 Ukrainian children hostage, placing then into Russian “filtration camps.”

Mr. Kramer proposes all of us could live more productive satisfying lives if we would all only look at the time during the Great Depression when people could access food, clothing, health care, housing and all other human necessities from religious groups. This is dangerous nonsense.

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Recently, I spoke with Sen. Gene Dornink at the Minnesota Capitol where the senator told me his story about a time when he and his family could go to a pastor in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, for basic assistance needs. The senator implied this could be done today to meet all human needs but only if we — the government — got out of the business of providing Social Security insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, cash assistance for dependent children, and food support for families, seniors, disabled adults, the mentally ill, etc. All of our governments help provided to families and seniors follows the teachings of Jesus Christ.

That is his for common good teachings in the Bible.

Mr Kramer, if you are looking for who is aligning themselves to what you wrote are the “murderous communists,” just have yourself and all of your GOP minions have a look in the mirror.

Mr. Kramer attacks DFL columnist Joe Pacovsky’s accurate accounting of un-Christian nationalism. I would suggest a review of the documentary movie “Bad Faith” on Amazon to support our Joe.

Ted Hinnenkamp
Albert Lea