Letter: In response to Mr. Kramer’s column

Published 8:30 pm Friday, May 3, 2024

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I would like to thank Mr. Kramer for reading my letter to the editor. Unfortunately, Mr. Kramer, by you making certain assumptions about what I wrote, it shows you know nothing about me. You are correct, I have voted for Democratic politicians in the past. I have also voted for Independent and Republican politicians. I try to vote for the best candidate for each specific office. On occasion, I have been sorely disappointed by who I voted for. Unfortunately, Mr. Kramer, I voted for Brad Finstad for Congress in the last election. I truly regret my error in judgment. But, unlike “our” Congressman who appears unable to learn from his mistakes by continuing to vote against aid for Ukraine, I can learn from my mistakes. I will not be voting for Mr. Finstad in the upcoming election.

Mr. Kramer, in your MPV column you imply that I support funding foreign wars because of a profit motive. You obviously know nothing about me. I do not support war. But I ask you, Mr. Kramer, what would you do if you had a malignant neighbor who came to your home and started to beat you; rape and murder your wife; steal your possessions; blow up your house; and abduct your children including forcing them to never speak their native tongue and indoctrinating them to hate you. This heinous neighbor then returns every day and continues to beat you, telling you that you have no right to exist and that you will ultimately be killed. This is what Putin and Russia are doing to Ukrainians every single day. Would you yourself not call out for help and rightly fight back? Furthermore, you state my reasoning is “atrocious.” I would counter that atrocious is having a Congressman, such as Mr. Finstad, who denies assistance to our ally Ukraine, a democratic country that is fighting a war for its survival. This denial of assistance to Ukraine supports our enemy — the murderous dictator Putin; and therefore, perpetuating continued Russian aggression.

Finally, Mr. Kramer, I believe that I have established that you do not know me or anything about me. If you insist on including me in your columns, I will ask you to please show me a modicum of courtesy and address me as Dr. Skorin.

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Thank you.

Leonid Skorin Jr.
Albert Lea