Letter: Support Wedgewood Cove

Published 8:30 pm Friday, May 24, 2024

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I would like to applaud and also support the recent letter to the editor submitted by Jan Overgaard regarding disappointment of the upcoming Pride events in Albert Lea.

It is unimaginable to me that any current sitting Albert Lea Council member would vow publicly to not spend any money at one of our local business establishments. Council member Sherri Rasmussen did just that when she recently called out Wedgewood Cove for a decision made in the best interest for their business. Not only that, but Ms. Rasmussen said the same of Mrs. Gerry’s Kitchen. Does Ms. Rasmussen not know that Mrs. Gerry’s Kitchen is no longer even owned by those who own Wedgewood Cove and that it is one of Albert Lea’s larger employers? What a comfort it must be for local community businesses to recognize the lack of support they can expect to receive from an Albert Lea city council member!

Ms. Rasmussen is also apparently not aware of what the Vogt family and their current and former businesses (Wedgewood Cove and Mrs. Gerry’s Kitchen) have contributed to the city and people of Albert Lea over the past 50 years plus. Their generosity has been unparalleled. I read that Ms. Rasmussen, a former resident, just moved back to Albert Lea in 2022. Before bashing an Albert Lea family business, she should educate herself and think about what is best for our city. Better yet, let’s all use some common sense when election time comes around.

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I believe and I think most people from Albert Lea and the surrounding communities would agree, an apology is in order from Ms. Rasmussen to the Vogt family. Support Wedgewood Cove as the Vogt’s have supported our beautiful city.

Brad Wright
Albert Lea