Letter: The truth behind the North Star Act

Published 7:13 pm Friday, May 31, 2024

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The feel good North Star Act doesn’t disclose the true destruction caused by our government’s open borders policy. This piece portrays the immigrant (illegal) as being more law-abiding than native-born citizens. Verdict, the Judicial Watch March 2024 news publication, “That enforcement arrests nearly doubled in a year in which thousands of criminals were apprehended, dozens of known or suspected terrorists … ICE arrested 170,590 illegal immigrants inside the country, half with criminal records.” It further goes on to say that the aliens had an average of four charges/convictions each.

The North Star Act says 30% to 40% detained for minor offenses like traffic stops. Verdict states, “Offenses were driving under the influence and possession of serious drugs. These illegal aliens were arrested for weapons offenses, sexual assault and burglary.” Let us not forget the committed homicide, kidnapping, serious enough by the government to be included in year-end figures.

The North Star Act No. 13 states recent increase in immigrant arrivals are a result of related political ploys. The political ploy seems to be coming from this North Star Act. In reality ICE Health Service Corps. spent a whopping $352 million to provide medical, dental, and mental health services for illegal immigrants. Yet, we are led to believe No. 16, ICE costs taxpayers more money checking and reporting immigration status in schools, health care facilities, etc. Then Sheriff Harig said ICE paid Freeborn County huge sums to house illegals.
No. 14 North Star reads “We did not let Texas dictate our laws.” Customs and Border Protection/ Homeland Security seize more than 8,200 pounds of fentanyl; They deserve our thanks stopping these border crossings. In 2023 2.48 million illegals entered the United States through our Southern border. Federal agents encountered 269,735 for a single month.
North Star Act advocates aging population, and declining birth rates shows a need for the illegals. The Catalyst April 2023 states: CDC 2020 620,327 abortions in the United States. When there are adoption agencies, and Pro Life groups helping mothers through pregnancy, we don’t need illegals replacing us. Legal immigration is welcome, lawless illegals are responsible for 1.2 million pounds narcotics, $5 million in assets/property, 1,806 child exploitation, $148 million virtual currency/$949 million in criminally derived assets from criminal elements. These should be stopped and detained; not caught and released.

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These are not legal immigrants. They should not be allowed into the country/state to vote in our elections. No previous knowledge of our language, customs, laws, responsibilities, etc. of native born citizens.

Catherine Sippel
Albert Lea