Letter: Let’s be good stewards of the Earth

Published 8:30 pm Friday, June 21, 2024

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This morning looking out the window I saw “white petals” flowing all over the neighborhood yards. I went out and found out they were styrofoam packaging chips. I checked to see if they were biodegradable, those dissolve in water are made of cornstarch and don’t harm the environment. Styrofoam on the other hand is a very toxic nonbiodegradable material that has been linked to cancer.

Years ago I went to several churches as well as local restaurants in town asking that they switch to eco friendly cups and plates. Most of them did and appreciated the suggestion.

Global warming is a reality. For the sake of the future generations, let’s be informed about toxic waste matter and be good stewards of this beautiful planet. Thank you.

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Clemencia Gujral
Albert Lea