Letter: How do you say ridiculous — Minnesota package delivery tax

Published 8:30 pm Tuesday, July 9, 2024

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This is one of the most ill-advised and misguided taxes I have run across. It’s a 50-cent tax on deliveries of items with certain exclusions. The tax targets delivery vehicles for the damage they supposedly cause to roads. The cost is passed on to consumers.

The owners of delivery vehicles are already paying their fair share for roads through the gas tax and registration fees for however the vehicles are classified. This targeted charge is clearly punitive and adds cost to consumers and businesses that are forced to implement it.

Maybe the worst part of this tax is the sheer inefficiency. For example, if you are getting a load of gravel for your driveway, somebody must enter an additional 50 cents to the bill. If you need two loads and you pay one bill you pay 50 cents. If you get separate bills for each of the loads you pay 50 cents for each load. The threshold for a charge is $100. So, you get charged 50 cents for a $101 teddy bear and nothing for $99 worth of gravel. Somebody must sort out whether other add-ons like sales tax are included to determine the threshold. The cost and time for businesses to comply with this tax is outrageous.

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Everyone wants good roads but let’s get some common sense.

Joe Pacovsky