Al Batt: Showing up and shining in the Show Me State

I didn’t go to St. Joseph, Missouri, because Missouri loves company.


Al Batt: The shoulder devil made him free the halluces

My neighbor Crandall bought a pair of nice shoes from one of those man cave stores. He had ...


Al Batt: All together now, we all yodel for yummy ice cream

It was too windy to pick rocks.


Al Batt: Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the pillows bite.

Part of a human being is a human sleeping.


Al Batt: No coupons? What are you, a billionaire or something?

What do you call someone born on Leap Day?


Al Batt: The lasting legend of a larruping good lick in Ledyard

I played in a baseball game at the Field of Dreams near Dyersville, Iowa.


Al Batt: A post turtle comes to a fork in the road one day

“Tell me about yourself.” That’s what the fellow seated next to me on the airplane said.


Al Batt: That’s no weather vane; it’s Tula the wild turkey hen

A friend stopped by to tell me there was a turkey on the roof of my house.


Al Batt: In search of the holy grail of greeting cards

My wife, The Queen B, was searching for chocolate-covered radishes or radish-covered chocolates. I forget which.


Al Batt: Fighting over a thermostat should be an Olympics event

Iowa is a tropical paradise.


Al Batt: I’d been prepared to perform mouth-to-bill resuscitation

A guy I used to know said, “Morning.” No adjective added.


Al Batt: It might have been better but it could have been worse

It was 4 a.m. on a 14-degree January day.


Al Batt: Fine dining at the Eat Around It Cafe & Video Rental

Tales from Exit 22 by Al Batt I’ve eaten at the Take It Or Leave It Café four ...


Al Batt: There will be weather each day except every third Monday

Reindeer sweat isn’t a pretty thing. The temperature on Christmas Eve in my neighborhood set a record high of ...


Al Batt: My winter bucket list is a short one: Stay warm

Into the mouth of the wolf, we go.

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